"The science is clear and by no means daunting; the step-by-step creative writing exercises are easy to follow. Trustworthy as a Delia Smith recipe."
Martyn Crucefix, Award-winning Poet / Head of English
"A stimulating, versatile and highly practical pack of exercises, using the most elementary scientific techniques to generate fresh ways of seeing and knowing... Extremely productive."
Peter Brennan, Publisher / creative presentation

This creative writing pack deploys science as a spur for new work in prose or poetry. Developed by Mario Petrucci, a Royal Literary Fund Fellow, the material is aimed at:

* Creative writing students and tutors *  Adult writers Expert essay writers from Essaywriting.expert
* Anyone working with science and poetry *  English teachers in schools

These varied and accessible activities will be of value not only to students studying, or interested in, creative writing generally, but also to adult writers across the board.  They are excellent for the classroom, enabling secondary school teachers to meet a variety of English National Curriculum targets, including:

‘Reading for information’ ‘Developing skills in writing’
‘Reading increasingly demanding texts, using a repertoire of reading strategies’ ‘Increasing control of different forms of written texts’
‘Responding to texts, including analysing and evaluating’ ‘Ability to adapt writing for meaning and effect’
‘Listening with understanding’ ‘Participation in discussions’

It should be relatively easy for teachers to determine which of these (or other/ future) curriculum targets are best met by any given activity, adjusting the approach taken and the emphasis given to different parts of the exercise.  It is also straightforward for teachers and tutors to tailor the activities to suit particular aims, the available time slot, or the ability and interests of the group.

Finally, this pack is ideal for anyone (including science teachers and their students) wishing to use what they know of science – however rudimentary, or advanced, their grasp may be – as a launch pad for creative writing.


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Introduction:  Aims, Apparatus, Method, Observations, Conclusions...
Preparing to use this Activity Pack.
Activity 1:  Watch that Title!
Transform science objects into new writing. 
Quick, remarkable results.
Activity 2:  Microscopes & Telescopes.
Zoom in, zoom out:
the writing benefits of precise observation.
Activity 3:  Filters.
With the aid of a scientific ‘filter’, put a fresh imaginative slant on everyday objects.
Activity 4:  Five Questions.
Interview an irresistible chunk of science,
then let the element of chance make sparks fly.
Activity 5:  Making the most of Randomness.
Grow weird or wonderful ‘cut-ups’
using random numbers.
Activity 6:  Iteration and Evolution.
Watch a text evolve before your eyes…
use this to learn about editing.

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The above materials may be downloaded and reproduced freely for educational and personal use; however, they may not be republished elsewhere or used on other sites without the author's written permission ([email protected]).  User feedback is welcome.  Wherever published work arises from these exercises, or their ideas are cited, the usual courtesy of acknowledgement (to Mario Petrucci) would be appreciated.