Important steps for creative presentation

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“Random numbers, microscopes and telescopes, filtering and evolution – Petrucci has formulated some fascinating mechanisms to help writers of all levels to extend the boundaries of their usual practice.”
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“These science-based exercises are not merely innovative, but unique. Unintimidating and entirely transparent, they will encourage students to explore strange and vibrant imaginative dimensions. The ideal way to refresh both your course and your clients.”
For Teachers… The process of making a creative presentation consists of several stages. If you consider that your creative presentation needs a creative approach and some more imagination, don't wait for the muse to come to you. Brainstorm your ideas and take notes to get started right away.

There are a series of important steps to be taken in the course of creating a presentation. Here are the most essential of them:

  • Preparatory stage. The first step to be taken when working on your project is preparation. You will need to look for some relevant resources and consult your previous experiences and knowledge on the subject matter. When making a presentation, it is necessary to determine the main purpose of your future work. After defining your goals, you will have to conduct a research and try to find inspiration for further work on the project.
  • Processing of the available information. This step requires thinking about the problem you are faced with. However, instead of finding a particular solution to the problem, you need to consider a number of other options. At this stage of writing a creative presentation, you need to examine various solutions by means of such techniques as mind mapping and brainstorming.
  • Gathering your thoughts. Another stage includes the period when you gather your thoughts and have a final “click” that represents a culmination of the creative process when you come up with the final idea of your presentation.
  • Creation of the presentation. The final step in making a presentation is actually creating the real thing. To guarantee the ultimate success of this stage, you will need to consider all aspects determined at the preliminary stages and actually build a PowerPoint presentation as well as get ready for presenting it to the audience.
  • To conclude, making a creative presentation is not that difficult if you follow the listed steps and consider all the requirements to this type of creative work.

    Jacqui Rowe
    Creative Writing Tutor

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