As a resource for Adult Writers/ Creative Writing Tutors…
“Random numbers, microscopes and telescopes, filtering and evolution – Petrucci has formulated some fascinating mechanisms to help writers of all levels to extend the boundaries of their usual practice.”
As a resource for Teachers…
“Here are novel ways of getting your students writing and editing exciting material which will improve both their literary skills and self-confidence… these are inventive off-the-peg worksheets that draw together aspects of literacy and science in both group and individual work. I recommend them.”

Martyn Crucefix
Award-winning poet / Head of English
Brampton College, London

For Adult Writers / Creative Writing Tutors…
“These science-based exercises are not merely innovative, but unique. Unintimidating and entirely transparent, they will encourage students to explore strange and vibrant imaginative dimensions. The ideal way to refresh both your course and your clients.”
For Teachers…
“These exercises are exciting! Their innovative use of scientific techniques would light up any English classroom, and energise the most jaded student, regardless of age or ability.”

Peter Brennan
Publisher / Former Head of English
The Latymer School, Edmonton

"The scientific aspect gives depth and rigour, engaging one part of the brain so that the other flies free... I thought there would be a lot of science to get wrong, but that's not how it's turned out at all."

Jacqui Rowe
Creative Writing Tutor
(Schools/ adults)

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